What are the ingredients in Two Robbers Hard Seltzer?

Our hard seltzer is made with three ingredients – sparkling water, alcohol from cold-fermented cane sugar, all natural flavors from real fruit.

What alcohol is used in hard seltzers?

For some reason, the big seltzer brands have done a terrible job of explaining this. Beer is usually made by fermenting malted barley, a complex carbohydrate. Hard Seltzers are made by fermenting simpler sugars, like cane sugar or dextrose (we use cane sugar in Two Robbers). If made properly, the result of fermenting cane sugar is an alcohol base with very little to no residual carbs and sugar, thus making it a healthier alternative to beer.

What makes Two Robbers different from other hard seltzers?

At Rittenhouse Seltzer Co., we only do seltzers. We’ve spent the past year taking our brewing process to the next level by experimenting with various combinations of sugars, yeasts and filtration to create the cleanest hard seltzer base possible. We start by cold-fermenting cane sugar with a unique high attenuation yeast, to create a neutral seltzer base that is incredibly subtle in both taste and aroma. Next, we run our freshly fermented hard seltzer through a proprietary filtration process to separate any yeasts or debris from the base. This focus on the quality of our seltzer base is what allows us to make a final product with a few key differences from other seltzers:

  1. Absolutely No Sugar and No Sweetener

  2. Subtle and unique flavor combinations inspired by some of our favorite cocktails and craft beers

  3. With a slightly higher ABV than other seltzers (5.2% vs. 4.7%), and

  4. No malty off-tastes or aromas

What are the calorie, carb and sugar amounts of hard seltzers?

Two Robbers comes in at 110 calories, 2g carbs and 0g of sugar. Your average 5.2% ABV beer is 160 calories and 15g carbs.

Is Two Robbers Gluten-Free?

Yes, our product is 100% naturally gluten-free.

When and where can I buy Two Robbers?

We’ll be launching in Philadelphia and NYC in early 2019. Follow us on Instagram @two_robbers to get real time updates.

Outside of Philly and NYC? Shoot us an email at team@tworobbers.com and we’ll see what we can do about coming to your city.